Dear all music fans


Dear all music fans,

We are LIVE HOUSE FEVER, a venue located in Tokyo.

Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, everyone needs to stay patient for going live shows whole the world.

Here in Japan, a lot of small music venues have been struggling and facing with closing their business through the pandemic issues.
The Japanese post rock band toe have launched a new fundraising project "Music Unites Against COVID-19" with 70 artists for supporting these venues.

You can select which venue you want to donate and support on the website(
After the donation procedure you can use the music folder includes unreleased rare tracks by toe, LITE, envy, the bandpart and LOSTAGE who have a worldwide reputation.
Donors are able to access these tracks till the end of June 2020.

As many of you may know that Japanese government extend indefinitely the declaration of a state of emergency.
These are challenging and stressful times. However, we believe tough times bring opportunity.
This fundraising project is a great chance for everyone to get know Japanese artists.
It is not the matter of amount of money, just check out these great selection of tracks by the artists who team up with.

We can`t wait to reopen and see you all at FEVER. Until then, please be safe and stay tuned.
Thank you to everyone who's donated so far.

See you again at live house.

Our MUAC and FEVER's goods site

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